Monthly Archive: February 2014

3 bullets for flipping opportunities

Published: 21st February, 2014

We all feel comfortable knowing we’ll come out of a meeting or workshop knowing we’ve got what we want. Providing a framework around the conversation thread so increase the chances of that happening has got to be a smart move. Without using the Big Picture path there are things we’ve picked-up which can help you […]

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lasting conversations

Published: 14th February, 2014

We haven’t been in this position before- not really .. to have resources supporting all of the different scenarios we see when developing businesses. The shoulder-to-shoulder at the desk, the huddling around the board at the front of the room or on the wall. So what about the things you think of afterwards? The need […]

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collaborating with strangers

Published: 9th February, 2014

I was horrified to find myself in front of a room of people who were really not fussed about being a part of my ‘human’ Big Picture template. My intention was to use the layout of the room to demonstrate a living breathing metaphor for a business. As a group of individuals making their own connections […]

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making connections

Published: 2nd February, 2014

I’ve spent the last few years learning from practitioners for whom people skills come naturally. It’s fascinating to watch them work and how they gain the trust of participants who open-up their emotions for the good of the team and the business. I see connections being made – using the information and between the participants […]

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