Monthly Archive: September 2015

the Key to KPIs

Published: 27th September, 2015

Our own take on the wonderful world of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs in the form of 4 insights: – Keep them small in number- to get the conversation going; – Do they cover the whole organisation? – What does it tell you about your colleague’s background? – How do they link to the other […]

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4 bites at team cherry!

Published: 22nd September, 2015

We don’t make all the right connections the first time around .. often nor the second nor the third. Different personalities and preferences, moods and focus mean the likelihood of agreeing the top opportunities and actions as a first hit are well erm small! And of course things change so your focus one day will […]

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a seismic revelation!

Published: 15th September, 2015


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ideas impacts connections

Published: 8th September, 2015

I ended up in Lithunia because a Big Picture fan invited me .. and I said ‘YES’! This was a focused session around the Customer Journey but in Big Picture world nothing is in isolation. The connections made on the day led us to explore all the different parts of the business in a natural […]

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