3 bullets for flipping opportunities

Published: 21st February, 2014

We all feel comfortable knowing we’ll come out of a meeting or workshop knowing we’ve got what we want. Providing a framework around the conversation thread so increase the chances of that happening has got to be a smart move. Without using the Big Picture path there are things we’ve picked-up which can help you frame your own chats:

Understand the challenges – knowing where the pain is in the organisation is a good way to start. People generally love a good moan about what’s not working so in my book any engagement is a platform for more positive chats later. And of course with the right set of Challenges on the table we start with a minimum of the same number of Opportunities – the flip sides!

Understand the connections with the rest of the business – so this might not be everyone’s cup of tea but to fully explore where we can improve some basic connections with the Team, the Tech and other headline features of the organisation are a great way to prompt the right kind of conversations with the right people. If nothing else to explore the gaps in understanding and not just stick with what we’re comfortable with;

Agree which are the priorities – I still use the Decision Analysis and Reporting (DAR) process from the CMMI maturity model. For me it’s an engagement tool. To firstly agree a criteria to prioritise against to nods around the table e.g. something that requires a little budget and can be done in one month. Then the agree the whole set of opportunities- mostly in our case those are a set of visual references to well-formed situations in the business. Again head-nods- then the process of scoring using some hand-waving and moving and shifting or something more formal such as Harvey’s balls!


ACTION! With everyone on board you have the authority to proceed into execution mode and more likely to benefit from some well-timed nudges to keep things on track when you’re not watching,