4 bites at team cherry!

Published: 22nd September, 2015

We don’t make all the right connections the first time around .. often nor the second nor the third. Different personalities and preferences, moods and focus mean the likelihood of agreeing the top opportunities and actions as a first hit are well erm small!

And of course things change so your focus one day will move on in time for the next conversation. Putting together a piece on Teamwork I realised the Big Picture keystone that supports all it’s beautiful applications has a device within not fully exposed! Shock. The ‘Help them, Help themselves‘ value nods towards the need to come back to what you’ve done the first time around but that doesn’t really do it justice.

What’s significant about this is:

– Individuals are given the benefit of the doubt in terms of their ability to be right on their game ALL the time – and of course at time the activity is being run. They won’t be nor will you be;

– Information does not enter into the game in the most logical way to arrive at the right answer first time. You need a chance to reflect back and see what that means. We Cherish Good Information whenever it rocks up!

.. so conversations flow freely ..

– Thinking matures as you mull it over especially when in a group. Give it a chance to by providing ample time for reflection both in the group and quietly in your own time;

– As the results are shared and it lands in the wider community assumptions will be challenged, constraints applied and as a result the output will be polished and flex’d towards. If it’s good enough it will be up for the challenge benefit from the constant review.

So whether thinking, sharing, seeing and wanting don’t feel you or your colleagues need to get it right first time! You can read the full piece of Teamwork here My Eye in Team via the Synermetric blog.