5 things about the app

Published: 2nd October, 2014

It’s been a busy week with World of Learning and our Big Picture app landing in the app stores. It was a great chance to show how we can help change the way they work and I noted some┬ácommon questions they asked so here they are:

1) “I thought Big Picture was a PHYSICAL thing with paper and people”

IT IS! .. but sometimes you want to keep the conversation going in between face-to-face meetings. This is especially useful if your teams are working from different regions or countries. We thought if we could stay true to our values and purpose of bringing teams together then we should gave it a whirl!

2) “.. so it’s like a WEBINAR?” .. or “.. it’s like GOOGLE collaboration?”

NOT REALLY like a webinar in that we don’t like one person having the power to control others in case a valid contribution is missed. However it works just like Google docs in the way you share with others who you can work with in real-time in the same document. Think of how you expect things to happen stood at a board in a room anyone can openly collaborate- knowing that there moves are tracked so you can see who has done what.

3) “is it FREE?”

YES! Everyone starts with the ‘BUDDY’ plan which gives you one board that you can share with your colleague. You can keep locking old boards and creating new ones which means you won’t be able to develop your thinking anymore. If you’re really careful with your money you can PDF the boards before you lock them and share them around in the traditional way. To be the effective individual that you are you can upgrade to the ‘HUDDLE’ plan (5 boards with 5 sharers on each) and then ‘CROWD’ when you’re ready to collaborate with the world! Ok hands-up- we’ve not included the full payment integration with PayPal yet so let us know at supplies@yourbigpic.com if you’re ready to upgrade.

4) “WHEN best to use it?”

Think about when you’re putting together a little DEMO, or when you’re on a CONFERENCE CALL or how about instead of the big board at the front of the WORKSHOP you project it onto a big screen. At the end you can delight your attendees with a link in their inbox to a live version of the board that they can continue to develop. You can use the latest version back on the paper when you come back together as a group.

5) “does it use the SAME STUFF?”

YES of course- we’d be silly to change things now they’re working so well! You’ll see the same canvas and symbols set-out in the same way. We hope the design of the app is such that you feel comfortable jumping in and having a play. If you need a help we can provide some training which early next year will be available through the academy.

So “how can I get it?”

Click on the ‘LOGIN‘ button top right of the page and register. You’ll then see the usual buttons pointing you at your favourite app store to download and start using. You’ll see the same dashboard with the same boards on all your devices across desktop, Apple and Google. Neat eh?!