“Big Picture is a resource that you can use in so many different scenarios – it’s such a versatile tool”


Martin Johnson (creator of Big Picture)

Big Picture is a different way of looking at a business. But where and when can it be used? That’s what Big Picture @work is here for…arrow


earthy Induction


Get your new starters up to speed quickly with the help of Big Picture. Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


can-do Consultancy


See how Big Picture can help you better understand your client’s business so you can demonstrate exactly you can help them. Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


tuned-up Training


Big Picture is brilliant at providing a link to the business for trainers. If you’re delivering super content and want to show where the return is click ‘Read more’

biz change-_title

bang-on biz Change


Help make genuine change stick by unleashing the full power of Big Picture.  Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


tidy Teamwork


Getting your teams talking is often a real challenge and one where Big Picture can really help. Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


nuts & bolts Innovation


Trying to integrate something new into the business? Have a look at how Big Picture can help generate new ideas and come-up with an action plan! Click ‘Read more’ to learn more ..


sizzling Start-ups


Get a head start by using Big Picture right from the start and see how we can help your new business soar. Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


WOW your Customer


Show your customers how you operate and watch as your relationships strengthen. Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


va-va Values


Find-out how Big Picture helps people better understand the values in the business- and act like they do!


taming Technology


How are we going to use that shiny new box to make this business more successful? Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


switched-on Selling


A magical way to turn the tables to understand the needs of your new client!


hooked-on HR


Find out how Big Picture breaks HR out of it’s box in the most engaging of ways! Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


engaging Emotional Intelligence


Rather than wrestle with EI- engage using Big Picture to break open the conversation. Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


the 36-minute Brief


One way to find out more and provide a better service – and delight the client at the same time! Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..


seizing CSR


No more wrestling with an airy-fairy approach to Corporate Social Responsibility- take a more practical approach using Big Picture. Click ‘Read more’ to see how ..