CSR is not just about doing good things for charity – it’s about the success of the business achieved by acting and behaving in the right way. Without understanding its practical application, some people in the organisation will always struggle with CSR as a concept. Use Big Picture to strip away the mystery and provide a practical way of demonstrating what needs to be done.


A good start is to share a view of where the business is now without even mentioning the C-word! This provides a backdrop that people can relate to – particularly if they see everyone else involved and can see how they fit in.


As part of the sharing, agree the measures of success for the business. Again, do this without specifically talking about ‘CSR’. It’s no co-incidence that one of the Big Picture symbols is for ‘Measures’ which can be used to define what success means for the business. Once you have this agreed you can work out what behaviours are going to contribute to achieving it.


CSR is not complicated if you see it simply in terms of people, profit and planet. Find the areas where you could make things better for People, Profit and/or the Planet and start seeing CSR’s natural connections with the rest of the business, the team and the processes. Begin to explore it from the customer’s point of view. Think about the challenges and look for opportunities. Save this as your baseline to come back to and review your CSR progress over time.

Big thanks to Debbie Griffiths of Ideal Word Brand CSR for helping with this @work story.


If there’s something or somebody in this story that reminds you of your workplace here’s a simple guide to how you would go about putting it in place .. with as much help from Big Picture as you need!