From the moment we come across a product or service we start building a picture of who we’re dealing with. We use Big Picture to better understand the customer journey from the first impressions through the sale and beyond. We want to WOW so they come back for more!


Each individual within the team that have contact with the customer all contribute to the overall experience. Understand the connections in and around those teams, with the processes and technology they use. Explore what the challenges are and what opportunities present themselves as a result.


Once the customer completes the transaction think about what happens next. Delight them with some unexpected contact reminding them of the value you provide and what might be a chance to do more business in the future. Think about the stories they tell their buddies and encourage referrals.


If there’s something or somebody in this story that reminds you of your workplace here’s a simple guide to how you would go about putting it in place .. with as much help from Big Picture as you need!