I get frustrated when I hear moans and groans about what we should have done here and here. Some good ideas are left out there without a way to bring in to improve the business. Sometimes it’s too much effort and too hard to make the connections with the right people with the clout to make things happen. Well here’s a way to use Big Picture to bring new ideas into the business ..


You can start with a sense of where the business is now but we don’t hang-around too much with this- it’s really for the participants to get their heads around the Big Picture and canvas for later. The priority here is to create ¬†an environment where new ideas are stimulated using funky and smart threads from elsewhere. Innovative ideas are recorded and sifted.


So here’s where the Big Picture engagement comes into it’s own. The ideas generated are nurtured and linked into the context of the business and where it’s going. This enables participants to have an effective conversations around the considerations and impacts to make the idea a reality. The outcome from the event is a prioritised list of opportunities that are jointly owned by the participants- so ready for action!


If there’s something or somebody in this story that reminds you of your workplace here’s a simple guide to how you would go about putting it in place .. with as much help from Big Picture as you need!