When you find a way to get the team huddled around something all ‘get’ – you want to keep that togetherness. Using Big Picture encourages the right kind of chats and a real practical output. They can all see how the organisation works- so it’s dead easy to get ideas across to your staff quickly and effectively.


It’s like there is a brick wall between the teams. You’ve tried everything but without an understanding of what’s going on over the other side then nothing budges!


Sometimes changing the frame of thinking and asking the right questions is enough to get the talking going. With connections made and trust building you can encourage the team to come together. Get them sitting (or standing) shoulder to shoulder, looking at the world from the same perspective and things can change ..


With the teams on the same page there is now a feeling of togetherness. With a better understanding of each others need they are more able and likely to help. Talk to us about how Big Picture can help bring your teams from out behind the wall!

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If there’s something or somebody in this story that reminds you of your workplace here’s a simple guide to how you would go about putting it in place .. with as much help from Big Picture as you need!