cherish good info

Published: 28th April, 2014

You’ve uncovered a key piece of information so let’s keep it handy to use to make some key decisions!

This kind of information needs to be managed through the different stages of thinking. To do that it needs unpicking, understanding and sharing with the right people at the right times. Complexity can cloud and conspire against you. Tirelessly seek ways to simplify the information you have to make it as easily understood and used.

Play it back to make sure you’ve got the right take then present it in its raw form. Use clear thinking to split out what this nugget is about and use that to bring other people in on your findings. Find out where the best place is to keep it visible as an assumption, a principle or a quote.

With a bag of good information to work with you’ll find some problems drop out and others are achievable by piecing together what you have,