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Published: 5th March, 2019

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The Wicked Challenge of Productivity

Productivity at its basis, signifies the rate of output per unit of input. The phrase echoes an era where people were seen as elements in a production line, measured by the amount of time it would take them to produce a single item. But in today’s knowledge based economy, this measure of productivity no longer holds true, making it increasingly difficult to evaluate people’s’ performance.

It’s challenging to measure knowledge based workers purely by the output of their productivity. Quality is often important, meaning that the sheer amount of time spent on a project, or the final work delivered may not be directly related to the person’s productivity. In today’s knowledge based economy, if organizations focus solely on measuring productivity as the volume of output of people’s work, they are likely to find themselves with a stressed and disengaged workforce that feels misunderstood.

When people are disengaged, it is most likely they are not at their most productive since they don’t feel attached to the company. Yet according to a Gallup study, organisations with high rates of engagement experience 21% higher productivity. When people feel strongly connected to a company, they are more motivated and therefore more naturally inclined to be productive, contributing to their organisation’s success.

YourBigPic.com’s 2nd Law of Engagement

We’ve distilled all of our experience and insights into YourBigPic.com’s 2nd Law of Engagement.

Why the Bother?

Helping Norma be PRODUCTIVE! Laura and Bill can TRANSLATE into measurable business OUTCOMES for the business- which will be of interest to other key business leaders and stakeholders.

What we can HELP YOU With ..

Big Picture naturally increases Productivity based on consistent and sustainably high Engagement Coefficients as you provide your People with the best possible environment where your people feel safe to invest their time completing on agreed actions to translate into measurable business OUTCOMEs. With light-touch Delivery it means you can involve a large group sizes, upto 20, with no drop off in engagement levels. This results in the highest increases in Productivity we have ever seen for People and Business Development.

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