engaging voices

Published: 13th May, 2014

We’ve all had a good moan around the coffee machine- ‘if only they did this ..’

Great ideas and opportunities are out there in the organisation when it comes down to it most business development work the start and end remains within the management team. What a shame!

The investment of time and resources to go out to find out more and turn them into action is often too much. Without something to link together the outer reaches of the organisation it’s easier to stick to what the management team can come up with. It’s safer and we can define and execute it in a manageable way.

Finding a language, a pattern, a way of capturing the information is the key. Once established the conversation flows to take the individual views of the team and consolidate into a single view everyone can relate to. With a sense of relief the voices are heard and an open dialogue breaks out.

The outcome is a business everyone feels a part of for lasting and measured success,