when we’re eye-pointing

Published: 6th November, 2014

That moment  taking people with you. Group-thinking forming a shared view, a way forward. Eyes, fingers, ears and brain FUSED.

The fused brain ~Team FUSION = MELTED moments.

The process that POWERS the sun and the stars. The REACTION in which two atoms COMBINE together, or FUSE, to form an atom. Some of the mass is converted into ENERGY. BLENDED thoroughly by MELTING together.

That thing we do when we’re taking in new information. Heightened senses spotting key information and making connections to play it back in conversation with our own bit tagged on. Correcting mis-conceptions. Hard work = tiring.

Bit like .. anti-fragile drunk the opposite of drunk (~all senses gone to pot no sense) and not sober (~steady state lazy brain).

Empathy in becoming attuned to others’ moods affecting their own brain chemistry and that of our followers. Indeed, not a case of two (or more) independent brains reacting consciously or unconsciously to each other. Rather, the individual minds become, in a sense, FUSED into a single system.

A neural sat nav allowing us to navigate our social world. We consciously or unconsciously detect someone else’s emotions through their actions and our mirror neurons reproduce those emotions. Collectively we create an instant SENSE of SHARED experience.

Check out what the people say at the Harvard Business Review about Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership,