lasting conversations

Published: 14th February, 2014

We haven’t been in this position before- not really .. to have resources supporting all of the different scenarios we see when developing businesses. The shoulder-to-shoulder at the desk, the huddling around the board at the front of the room or on the wall. So what about the things you think of afterwards? The need to share and collaborate with your colleagues who have long since departed (the venue!).

So we’re looking at the tech which provides you with a natural place to head when you want to move things along in your own time and space. It’s got to feel and work ‘just like paper‘ and be available on whatever device is to hand. It’s got to frame the brain in the same way it did when you in the room. It’s probably NOT going to give you the same base understanding of the approach as you would have got if you physically seeing it in front of you- but let it be familiar enough to feel natural to keep the conversation going.


You’ll want to chat at the same time you’re moving things around on your tab or ‘puter, you’ll not want a lag that stops the conversation flowing. You’d want to see who is at the board and who has done what- maybe even replay the moves to see how you’ve got to where you are. Probably best not to broadcast your view to others rather prompt and direct for them to drive themselves. You’ll want to snapshot what you have to cement where you’ve got to- maybe as a PDF or image to show and tell.

In fact replicate exactly how you would feel in a room with your colleagues with as many of the natural etiquette, boundaries and connections as you can manage without actually physically being there.

The promise is to return as a group and review but wouldn’t it be great to have moved things along in the meantime. This is our vision for BigPicZap v2 and we’re really excited what this means for our practitioners. We’ll always be a people- based offering with tactile props in the room and to fully support those opportunities when they arise we want zap to fill the gaps for those lasting conversations.

Watch this space for the latest on developments and whether you want to be a part of our early adopters!