making connections

Published: 2nd February, 2014

I’ve spent the last few years learning from practitioners for whom people skills come naturally. It’s fascinating to watch them work and how they gain the trust of participants who open-up their emotions for the good of the team and the business.

I see connections being made – using the information and between the participants in the conversations. The connections ‘feel right‘ and move the conversation forward taking the group with them. For those that don’t immediately see it they look to join-in by asking about the gaps in their own understanding.


Here’s the simple formula to encourage connections to be made:

– Create an environment in which people are comfortable to share;

– Be prepared to listen intently, to ‘sense-make‘ then clarify so everyone ‘gets it’;

– Have somewhere to put the connections made as a backdrop the next chat.


Next time you’re in a position where engagement levels are needing a boost have a think about you score against these. You’re probably doing them anyway but sometimes a simple pattern provides a focus and a guide to your approach,