mind the gap

Published: 7th May, 2014

I remember reading a book about ‘101 things I learned at Architecture school’ which made a number of points to the space between objects being as important as the objects themselves. When I see people picking up their symbols and plonking them on the page it strikes me what significance that has in terms of the business we’re talking about.

The most common spaces I see are and what they mean:

– leaving the Customer Care area empty  .. explore .. does the business actually do anything here or is it a real gap for the customer once they have left the building or transaction?!

– putting none of the teams close to the Customer journey line .. explore .. what is the Customer experience like and should someone or a team be working more closely with them?

not populating an area of the canvas .. explore .. does this suggest a lack of visibility on what’s going on ‘over there’. This is particularly useful when working with someone on the leadership team you would expect to have a view. The conversations hinges on who you’re working with and which of the areas is sparsely populated.

There are many others some more subtle than others. Nonetheless as a ready-reckoner for working towards a shared view practitioners are adept at picking on some of the signs to be explored further,