Multi-Device collaboration

Published: 2nd July, 2014

Single-Device design is history – don’t I know it (as a Dad!)

So I’ve been having a good look around at how we can suggest practitioners deploying the Big Pic app for their clients. Immediately you’re in what some call an ecosystem of cohabiting devices with users dipping in and out with a strong sense of what’s best doing what.

There’s been quite a bit of resistance and to the fact as a naturally human tool what value can the app bring. Well we’re not in the the presence of our colleagues all the time so why not challenge ourselves to retain that feeling of engagement we had in the room.

Let’s not give-up on it rather go for the reward of remote, flexible engagement when and where we choose.

We need a formula- so let’s throw in the ‘must-haves’:

– easy access to the common framework and reference (we use symbols but however you choose);
– the recollection of the feeling of engagement from the room you were in not-so-long ago;
– I want to see people I stood next to, hear their voices and feel we’re still connected.

A few ‘nice-to-haves’:

– a chance to go back and see how we got to where we are;
– be able to move the thinking on in the same way as we did when we were together- so we don’t forget the outcomes;
– an imminent event where we’ll all be back together to re-affirm what we did remotely and to re-join any disconnects.

This is the model we’re running – a combination of all of the above. Using video-conferencing tool (Google+, Skype, AdobeConnect) for the personal bits and the Big Pic app on a tablet in shot of the video. I want to have a conversation ‘face-to-face’ then apply that thinking to the ‘board’ which we can all play with just like we would in a room.

I can’t wait to try it – let me know if you’d like to be a part of turning our theory into practice!