I’m into Engagement- the real, hands-on practical stuff which helps people better understand complex things.

As a consultant I loved the people-side of business and IT change which came naturally to me .. the shoulder-to-shoulder, listening to what’s-what and needs to be done. What if that turns into something that people ‘get’ and can point at to become more effective communicators themselves? What if the whole room can do it and that means the project is successful in delivery? BANG!

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Problem solving and helping make complex things seem simple is what good design is all about so when Martin first told me about his idea for Big Picture it sounded brilliant.

Helping him bring it to life has been really exciting and hearing how it’s helped other businesses get better at what they do is hugely rewarding too.

Like every great business, Big Picture is constantly evolving so I’m on hand for everything from custom icons and templates through to exhibition stands and websites..

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I make sure the practitioners have everything they need to be brilliant using Big Picture! That could be getting products out in time for sessions or finding out what their expectations are in advance of the accreditation sessions.It’s exciting to see the business growing and relationships developing.

My background is in HR and office management so most of my time is spent looking after our people. Martin can only be in one place at a time so the BP HQ is there to keep to show on the road.  I’m looking forward to helping get you sorted soon!


Since joining 3 years ago I’ve helped put some of the basics in place that all businesses need. The best thing is being given the opportunity to build these around the practitioners so in true Big Picture fashion we are always turning the tables!

It’s an easy gig in that Martin insists on making sure our practitioners are happy with their lot before we think about the invoice. There’s a real buzz around the office which you just don’t get from bigger companies.



Here at Clear Thinking, Big Picture is woven into the work we do with clients when they want to mobilise their teams and make things happen. We love that we can immerse people in the Template, let them walk the Path and achieve clarity through the process. It’s an excellent collaboration tool for the teams we work with, it creates energy and buzz and lots of ‘eureka’ moments.

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My expertise is mostly in marketing and strategy so what attracted me to Big Picture is it’s simplicity and the speed with which it opens up conversations with your clients. Big Picture complements other consulting tools whether you are holding one-to-one conversations or facilitating groups. Describing a business shouldn’t be complicated; a Big Picture session helps clients quickly articulate their current business and uncover opportunities to help them to grow.

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