get people pointing

Published: 13th November, 2014

Feels good when you capture the discussion in a way people want to  use to make their next point.

I love doing it in fact it’s something I’ll always try by having a go and laying it out in front of me see who picks it up. Not only are you now showing your understanding of the patch at least one other person has benefited too.

Here are my top tips:

– think high-level- spot the patterns, don’t worry about the detail;

– choose not to add detail if you don’t think it helps with the top-level;

– talk whilst you’re drawing- people make associations;

– ‘what I heard is..’- reflect back what’s been said;

– show where the focus is;

– throw some stuff at it – challenges;

– offer to ‘tidy it up’;

– take a pic and email it out asap.

Busting some myths:

– doesn’t have to be neat- it’s not a drawing more some rough lines;

– doesn’t need to have all the detail;

– you need a big board, I’ve used paper on the table, flips and whiteboards.

Have a go it’s good stuff!