positive feedback

Published: 2nd April, 2014

We don’t get things right first time- we test and measure through our interactions with each other.

We see it when we’re learning a new language keen to correct and confirm so we can do better next time. Think about this when running some information by your colleague. Think about completing a full cycle from the mind of your colleague through their spoken word to your hearing, interpretation and back again. Did that all work?!

Find out if what you’ve played back is what was originally intended. How can you really know if you don’t check? Make notes and leave them on the table to give clues as to your understanding. When we left school did we really stop showing our working out?!

Don’t be caught making assumptions for an easier life to avoid looking wrong or confused. Encourage the participant to correct your understanding and adopt a shared language. This investment is invaluable when it comes to working out complex issues later,