Published: 21st March, 2014

Patterns are a great way to simplify complex things- particularly if you can find a small number of key elements and build around them and the pattern represents something significant for somebody!


So when I look at hundreds of business models tweaked what I’d already got in my work book. The key elements were the:

– the purpose of the business or as we say “what’s the business here for?” – we like simple language to engage with all levels of the business. The purpose is something to keep in view across the whole business so let’s put it at the top;

– the value creation part of the business at the centre of everything- so let’s put that at the centre; &

– who is it you’re creating the value for – the customer journey runs left to right as a pivot or axle.


The beauty of this pattern is it works for all types of business so is wonderfully versatile when used with or without our resources.

If you’re nodding at those key principles then the rest of the canvas drops out. That’s what we find when we’re taking people through Big Picture for the first time. Once it feels right the make-up of the canvas is set and they’re ready to start using it to frame their business thinking. If you have anything similar or feedback from your own experience please drop me a line,