stay close

Published: 2nd April, 2014

It can be hard to reach a position where everyone ‘gets it‘ so once you have it within your grasp don’t let it slip!

A place to go back to when things get hard. The brain is looking for ways to think about things to make its job easier. Once it structures a thought in a way others can connect with keep that same prop next time around. There’s a good chance you can keep going back for the another dose of clear thinking– providing it’s accessible and available. So that means it’s in a form you can get at quickly without fuss.

With a picture on the wall of the team signing off against it there’s a constant reminder of how good it felt. The investment has been made and now it’s time for the return.┬áThe clarity will continue to deliver as a place to go to make sense of new information and working. Use the time saved on misunderstandings to focus on the real challenges in the business.

Other stakeholders will want to use your shared view of the business as their starting point,