no time to stop & think!

Published: 2nd April, 2014

It’s tough remembering to take time out to work on your business. Always after that next marketing opportunity and chasing up sales not to mention fulfilling orders and looking after customers and suppliers – then there’s the admin!


I was nudged to think about one way to ‘stop & think’ – a ready reckoner if you like ..

– my top 3 challenges are here, here and here and so the Opportunities are this, that and the other ..

– they connected to the rest of the business like this ..

– so how can I communicate this clearly to everyone who needs to know ?!


The business itself:

– should be simply put – in a way people can see for themselves ..

– so not be a long complicated report that no-one will read;

– should be nimble and able to flex with the day-to-day changes in the business ..

– so shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to work through top to bottom;

– should ‘feel right‘ in terms of describing the business i.e. for that moment IT IS the business;

– so minimising the need to explain complex issues that get in the way of the priorities.

.. and remember the business is about the people and what they’re doing to make it more successful so avoid abstractions that miss out on what the key people are and will be doing to make it better.


Thanks to Michelle Reynolds for nudging me on this topic .. “many business owners are so busy doing. This is a great tool which enables them to take time out, stop, and think. Sense making – I like it!”