things they said ..

Published: 21st March, 2014

.. it covers everything in a business in a really comprehensive, engaging and visual way.

.. it made us think differently about the challenges we thought we had.

.. we thought about things they might not have got to or considered.

From the Senior Sales Executive:

I found the activity very useful, it was a clear way of thinking and certainly got us all talking. I was worried that the outcome would end up like we always do- come up with great ideas and nothing happens. Although so far, the ‘Cool wall’ for customers is picking up pace and when I get back from holiday I am sorting out training on the marketing element …so things are going in the right direction at least!

I did find that the activity resulted in us coming up with a few things we had already talked about in previous meetings however if this was for a client who hadn’t used this before or for a new team that was coming together- I could see how valuable it could be.

Also for other audiences sometimes some groups are very ‘blinkered’ on their specific role and department, whereas Big Picture is a good way to see the whole flow of customers and suppliers etc and how each department interacts and works together… I did find it very informative and useful.