turn the tables

Published: 2nd April, 2014

It’s natural to start with what we can do because that’s what we know most about!

For your client or colleague to make sense of what you’re saying takes brain power – to listen, interpret and apply to their business. It’s at that point they will decide whether you’re a good bet to deliver. A good chance your message might be lost- risky!

There’s the clue, it’s not about you! It’s all about the success of their business or team and you’re there to help them achieve that. Developing your understanding of their world first in a clear, concise way you’re showing the kind of professionalism they’ll want to see again and again. More importantly with a shared understanding of the business you can empathise with the challenges they face and better describe the opportunities you’re going to help take up.

You’re jointly owning exactly the right opportunities, they are better understood and results are set against the success of the business. Nice work!