working naturally

Published: 30th April, 2014

I’ve been making a point of getting out and about reviewing the new Big Picture app pondering how the environment in which we’re in helps us be more effective. Leaving the paper kits in the office to check out a theory – that is .. to be most effective we want to be as personal and in touch as we can¬†WHILST at the same time be as precise with our content as we can.

When these two needs are met we have a great conversation or session. We’re getting on and at the same time working on the right things. Pretty simple eh? .. I just hadn’t thought about this previously. Simplifying and running it by a few folk makes me think how this could be a useful way to describe why Big Picture works but generally something we all like.

I’ve noticed the offices we work in and the timelines we browse are pretty low on the natural environment we’re most comfortable in. Already today I read two things about distractions in the office¬†from Clear Thinking and about the five senses from Inspired Partners that reference this.

At the same time I was pondering how important it is to see the faces of who you’re working with in the Big Picture app. If not it you could have a cold representation of the business that people are less likely to connect with. Face-to-face you get for free but with tech between the two that association is all the more important.

So a thought from me, and maybe you too, to think about what you’re doing to be as in touch as you can whilst being as precise with the content as you can. When both are working you’re ready to fly!