your Customer’s Shoes

Published: 6th May, 2014

The customer is right at the heart of any successful business so no surprises it’s skewered through the middle of our canvas. It provides some key reminders to share around what the Customer Journey means to us when we’re having engaging business conversations.



– all customers at some stage have no idea of who you are and what you do- think about first impressions;

– you call it ‘Marketing’ but from their perspective it’s about information and increasing awareness;

– there will be a period of consuming your product or service- how do they feel during?

– on reflection there is a loop-back to think about  .. and referrals!

There’s a load of fun to have using this visual reference such as ‘where does it end?!’, how do you measure who takes which path and what are you and the teams doing to encourage the desired outcomes.  So more of that when we chat about it but for now I hope a notable and original way of thinking about your customer journey ..

.. and ask me about my train set and how it’s related !