Monthly Archive: July 2019

Getting a return on your L&D

Published: 29th July, 2019

Flipping L&D into making and doing Our experience and approach is all about giving the attendee something to do when they enter into the room, which might take them by surprise a little bit because they’re there to learn about a specific piece of technical knowledge or soft skills. Bit this is the rub – […]

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Your Team is Expanding, but your People aren’t Talking

Published: 15th July, 2019
Your team is expanding but your people aren’t talking

Joining-up Your Team The team that you’re either leading or a part of, is expanding and new person is joining. This might be a result of growth, or it could be some form of swapping in and out members of staff. When you look across that team, you may see them communicating poorly, this could […]

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