Monthly Archive: December 2020

Engaging Strategy to rescue an industry

Published: 12th December, 2020
Screenshot of the board The need to Engage Strategy is more urgent now than ever. And, getting your people on board is arguably more critical than at any time in the past decade or so (last major crisis 2008). So says Bryce Biggs, Strategy Lead @YourBigPic. While these statements might appear self-evident there are indications that many organisations adopted [...]

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Purpose, Perspective & Proper Prep

Published: 9th December, 2020

The most recent BIG PICTURE® webinar was a Strategy session led by Bryce Biggs and featuring Michael Tingsager as the industry expert. I attended as a participant and assumed a role as Customer Care expert, wearing De Bono’s White Hat to shape my contribution. The industry in the spotlight was the hospitality sector, an industry […]

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Action for Financial Freedom!

Published: 7th December, 2020
Is Finance Director Flo the 'Orphan Annie' of business? Asks Hywel Griffiths Finance Lead @YourBigPic. I only ask because in panel discussions with Big Pic of late, Finance seems to have been an afterthought in some of the discussions. This really makes it difficult to have Financial Freedom. Again, this is just an observation, not [...]

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A Convincing Case for Change

Published: 4th December, 2020
What does convincing mean? In this interactive demonstration Change Lead Richard Copley helped explore this key question 'upstream' from the usual task focus of what needs to be done now. This is not about just getting approval for the change it's about gaining engagement and participation in the change. This is about 'working with' not [...]

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Performance: Chapter 2 “The Journeyman” Creation of A Compelling Performance Story

Published: 1st December, 2020
Following on from our first chapter in Performance storytelling "The Foundations", we have moved onto the second chapter of our story "The Journeyman" which is about a checkpoint performance conversation with the colleague. Colleagues prefer to tell their own Story... With our unique six headings (" I'm going to stop...", "I'm going to start...", "I'm [...]

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