Monthly Archive: April 2021

BIG PICTURE® Essentials I

Published: 19th April, 2021
To Engage and Collaborate for Outcomes requires a straighforward language. In this session we demonstrate several 'icebreaker' techniques to impart the knowledge of the Symbols and the Board. These facilitate incredibly engaging conversation in organisations just like yours or those of your clients. We’ll help you and your colleagues become familiar with the approach to [...]

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Engaging Financial Challenges

Published: 12th April, 2021
The biggest financial challenges for businesses of all shapes and sizes are currently: - Limited cashflow - whether this is proper invoicing procedures or understanding the breakeven process so all monthly bills are covered, a realistic budget plan is required to ensure success; - Not using the budget correctly - initially, the business has to [...]

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Engaging High Performing Colleagues

Published: 4th April, 2021
Given the amount of energy, time and therefore money that is invested in recruiting the right people it’s a shock to find quickly a colleague first approach tails off. Everyone appears to have an appetite to make it work. Colleagues don’t want to be miserable at work nor to organisations want to be anything other [...]

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