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Strategy is often viewed as an entire process. It can be more useful though to see it as an element of the overall planning process. This framework is given the acronym V2MOST - Values, Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, & Tactics. This in turn can be aligned with the management POLC framework - Planning, Organising, Leading, & Controlling. Some of the tools for fulfilling this mandate include Programmes, Projects, Policies & Procedures, & Budgets. See also Pivot Now!™ & Six-ITs™.

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From Painless.software

So, you understand your Why

Some see it written in the sky

And, Simon’s here to help you though some see that as clearly pie

From Amazon.com

You’ve remembered your What

So, you haven’t lost the plot

Even though sometimes things are clearly going to pot

The Where and When seem obvious

Though some may see that as meandrous

The Who causes others to start to hover

And some in fact move undercover

It’s the How that preoccupies us here

Before you disappear

Though some like to complicate the matter

With many a weird and wandering patter

If you want to get your mind around the many subtle nuances

And avoid the many ponces

Your man is Henry Mintzberg

He clearly doesn’t mince words

From Simon&schuster.com

So, the next time someone asks you what’s your passion - other than your lover

Picture by Igor Rodrigues @Unsplash

This verse may help you avoid your natural instinct, which is to run for cover

The moral of this story if indeed there is one

Is to focus on how to do it before all time is gone

And if you are wondering what happened to big Mart

He has a heavy heart

Some scurvy characters stole his Bandit

Now he cannot look the part

He might need to make a new start

(Volume adjustment recommended :-))

A strategy rap from Bryce Biggs,