Step inside and Connect with the Business

We’re all about experiencing together and there’s no better way than on your feet getting in amongst the action! Using a rope-based version of BIG PICTURE® that you can step in and around with your colleagues. By giving out the large frisbee symbols the whole thing comes alive- doesn’t feel like work!

5x White Rope Loops & 1x Yellow Rope Customer Journey

8x300mm Road Sign style Symbols (one of each) in 2mm PVC

5x Panels with ‘Shoes’ for identifying Business Areas

A3 ‘Business Card’ showing the Big Picture Path in 2mm PVC

All in a tidy Carry Cases

The total width required to fully use this Kit is 5x5m however you can enjoy the benefits in a smaller space by laying it out differently. This Kit will also come in handy for Workshops when you have several groups to engage with.

So you’re group is arriving in the room from their desks and want something to stand-up and do .. or they’ve been sat listening for a while. Well clear the chairs and get the Activity started by asking for help building a life-size representation of the organisation in front of your eyes. Can be used at the beginning to set the scene or at the end to summarise the thoughts of the group.


Get hands-on in a small collaborative group for a live experience showing how you can use BIG PICTURE® to transform the way you and your people engage.