Connecting Key Measures

Published: 23rd June, 2020

Here are our highlights from our seventh ‘Quickfire Business Focus’ webinar Connecting Key Measures in the business. Make a brew and take a seat to follow along with Iain Strachan providing the backdrop and the detail for identifying the Key Measures in your business. You can download the prop from the webinars page so you can apply it in the moment to your own business.


With many moving parts sometimes it’s hard to focus on what’s important in the business. Iain and I, in our own ways, use patterns and systems to provide that focus and in this session we demonstrated. You’ll see from the image above how a set of tried and tested Measures, 5 in total, land in a neat pattern across the Big Picture board. In doing so they are easier for the colleagues to grasp and make sense of. As a result this leads to positive action and outcomes for all those concerned. Not least for the Business Owner for who the Measures directly relate to the survival and future success of the business.

The the help of collaborators we made connections with Team, Customer, Tech, Money and Process. We ended with a thought about the Challenges and Opportunities that an organisation may face in arriving at that focus.


Some meaty topics covered in quick time with a depth of understanding between connections. One theme emerged around the backdrop of some fundamental Team and Process connections that then provides the platform on which detailed work can be put into place.

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