Connecting People Development with the Business

Published: 23rd February, 2020

Many Moving Parts

This is a area of difficulty that I see a lot of organisations wrestling with. On one hand the your people who are the driving force of your organisation. The heart pumping blood around the demanding organs of the business. We say that people buy from people, that business is all about the people and that we look after our people and of course we would want to. On the other hand the need for the successful business. The head, the logic and the definition of what good looks like. We don’t shy away from what is often an awkward tension in fact we go after it, chase it down and put it at the centre of what we do. When you build you’re approach on the right kind of model then wicked problems like these become less overwhelming and into the comfort zone they land. Let’s work through how we connect two, differently derived, yet complementary angles on the organisations we care so deeply about.

Related Experience

To begin by accepting that it is hard and that, as Edward De Bono stated, this is more complex than simple. By putting in the hard yards to fully understand the connections then we have here a proposal of ‘informed simplicity’. By breaking down the steps in a particular way, leaving aside the working out, then we present here an approach you can try yourself for the business that you have an interest it- dare I say care about. Attendees were invited to bring an example from your experience for both:

  • People Development e.g. I’d love to work more closely with the customer; and
  • Business Development e.g we’d love more clients like ASDA.

The first is with the person at the centre, the second with the business at the centre.

A Practical Demonstration

With your example in mind let’s work it through:

Aligning Purpose

To define a backdrop that helps both the development of the people and the business we encourage a fundamental refresh of the purpose of the business. Test this out with regard to whether it makes sense for both by which we mean can you, as the individual, understand what you need to do to better deliver on the purpose and can the business, through the value provided by products and services to the customer, see how it delivers on the same purpose? If your purpose doesn’t do this for both then consider the reasons why and if stuck think about a purpose where you can link both people and business. This ‘why’ will provide your anchor for ‘Connecting People Development with the Business’.

Defining Measures

Watch out- trap here! Start with the Measures that make sense for the individual. This is a bottom-up, inside-out point of perspective which in our experience is really the only way to go about the connection. this way engagement conquors all. T’other way it ain’t happening! Top-down, outside-in is broadcast, cold and thin ice. We want a two-way dialogue, warm and solif earth under foot. In defining Measure in a way the individuals can relate to ensures the connections that are then made carry this engagement with them towards the related Measures that make sense to the business. With a sense of these relationships you have a practical series of connections to lead to engaging and wholesome conversations. Organisations don’t do this so well as to pull if off requires guile, cunning and the right approach within a straightforward model. You now have this- it’s Big Picture.

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Why the bother?

When the team start talking, they have a chance to share what they really think, and so:

– They are more likely to be productive in their time with the company.

– The business will enjoy a ready supply of new opportunities each and every time you get to the truth- the challenge is working out what to do with them all! Boss Bill gets the most of her team and is able to translate that up to the board.

– Employees are likely to stay with the company for longer and that means avoiding the costs of rehiring- worse case 6-9 months of an the employee’s salary to locate and train a replacement and 2 years to become fully productive. Not to mention the toll on existing employee productivity and morale.

What we can help you with

Big Picture naturally generates extremely high engagement levels as you provide your people with the tools they require to share useful truths about the business. With light-touch delivery it means you can involve large group sizes, of up-to 20, with no drop off in engagement levels. This results in the highest Engagement levels we have ever seen for People and Business Development.

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