Engage & Connect Your Remote Teams

Our Digital Kit helps to engage your colleagues wherever they may be, building a rich knowledge of it’s workings, develop understanding of their part to play within it, and generate through connectivity create measured and lasting business outcomes.

All of this is possible using our straightforward framework online. We have simplified the approach to such a degree that it works equally as well in the physical and digital space. The same engaging style for each and every colleague to get involved with.

Logging into the Digital Kit Dashboard, there are three levels, allowing you varying levels of access, for a variety of team sizes. No matter which level of the Digital Kit you opt for, you’ll see the BIG PICTURE® Symbols we use to represent the key business elements, measures, challenges and opportunities, are able to be manipulated at all times across the virtual BIG PICTURE® Board, by those you invite to use it with you.

Your ‘Buddy’ level is FREE, and allows you to create a single board, and invite one other person to use it with you. This is a great way to experience the power of the tool.

Your ‘Enterprise’ level, costs only £12 a month/user, and provides you with an unlimited number of Boards, each shared with an unlimited number of people. This is the perfect way for teams in larger businesses to break-out, and work collaboratively.

Click the button below to head to our Digital Kit Dashboard, and get started extending the power of BIG PICTURE® to all employees, whatever their location.


Get hands-on in a small collaborative group for a live experience showing how you can use BIG PICTURE® to transform the way you and your people engage.