Engage & Connect Your Remote Teams

Love the Big Picture Kits, but holding out for our most flexible model yet?

Need a Digital Kit to bring the power of Big Picture to your remote workers?

Look no further.

Like our entire range of Kits, our Digital Kit helps to engage your employees in the business, build a rich knowledge of it’s workings and structure, develop understanding of their part to play within it, and generate connectivity to the organisation, creating measured and lasting business outcomes.

Let your employees find their own answers, learn how to be most effective in their role, and give your business the gift of a powerful business tool that can help facilitate Engagement and People/Business Development projects in a more meaningful, and effective way, than ever before.

And now, thanks to our Digital Kit, these benefits can be extended to every employee, whether they sit in your office, or in their own.

Logging into the Digital Kit Dashboard, there are three levels, allowing you varying levels of access, for a variety of team sizes.

No matter which level of the Digital Kit you opt for, you’ll see the Big Picture symbols we use to represent the key business elements, measures, challenges and opportunities, are able to be manipulated at all times across the virtual Big Picture board, by those you invite to use it with you.

Our first level, Buddy, is FREE, and allows you to create a single Big Picture board, and invite one other person to use it with you. This is a great way to see how our Digital Kit can benefit your talent, and organisation.

Our second level, Huddle, costs only £6 a month and enables you to create a total of 5 Big Picture boards, each shared with a maximum of 5 people. This is a great way for small businesses or teams to work together collaboratively regarding different areas of the business.

Our third level, Crowd, costs only £12 a month, and affords you the ability to create an unlimited number of boards, each shared with an unlimited number of people. This is the perfect way for teams in larger businesses to break-out, and work collaboratively. By design, the Crowd level of our Digital Kit can arm you for success in People and Business Development projects, where each team could help develop one of these areas, each with their own Digital Big Picture Kit.

Peruse the gallery of videos below, to see the Digital Kit in action, and how it was used in our recent session with a small group of business decision makers.

“Multitasking Empowerment”
“We Can’t Be In The Same Place”
“Practising Opportunities”
“Digital Kit Feedback”

Click the button below to head to our Digital Kit Dashboard, and get started extending the power of Big Picture to all employees, whatever their location.