Do Strategy and Chess Fit Snugly Like Horse and Carriage?

Published: 28th September, 2020
Chess boards illustrating connection with strategy

(horse and carriage clue: Francis Albert Sinatra)

“The one-time Talmudic scholar pointed out that while playing for small advance may be the more subtle and challenging strategy it certainly constitutes the more reliable one.

What were the small advances that Steinitz urged players to find and exploit? Nothing obvious …. Accumulate advantages, Steinitz claimed, and they will snowball …. To think through each aspect of any given chess position, to consider and chart the effect of the smallest movement on the board, to appraise and reassess at every point, requires dogged discipline ….

A nearly undetectable gain may turn out to be decisive. Steinitz was the first player to understand that little moves can be significant, that long-term, well-nurtured thinking is required to reach the goal. This is scarcely a mere chess truth.”

Clearly different strategies – in Business, Chess, and life will produce different outcomes.

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(Bruce Pandolfini in the book Every Move Must Have A Purpose: Strategies from Chess for Business and Life)

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