Powered by your People for Measured and Lasting Outcomes

Employee Engagement Programmes

Inspiring and enabling transformation is at the heart of everything we do.

Powered by the Opportunities discovered in highly engaging, interactive and fun Workshops we will work with you to design Programmes to deliver Measured and Lasting People Outcomes.

People Development Programme

People Development Programme

We flip the top-down, outside-in change ‘done’ to people, where engagement is a workstream, into bottom-up, inside-out change with your people as the driving force.

These work best in values-based, people-first organisations who are willing to give their employees a damn good listening to!

Business Development Programme

Business Development Programme

We want the People in your business to be the best version of themselves they can be. We will do everything we can to help them be as productive as they can be and stay with you to extend that relationship for as long as possible.

“Big Picture sits at the heart of the way this team now works together. We’re back at the board most days having great conversations to agree how we move the business forward. It has pride of place in the offices and the management team have proudly signed up to it as an indication of just how committed they are to bringing the Big Picture vision for our business to life.”


Get hands-on in a small collaborative group to experience how Big Picture transforms the way your people engage in the business.

As a bonus you’ll have a physical take-away to show for your efforts!