Engage Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Published: 6th July, 2020

This was a topic suggested by co-host Iain Strachan and soon after the question became how could we engage Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team at a practical conversational level? The answer is we saw, that not only is it achievable, it’s possible in a much shorter space of time providing you have the right framework in place. That means a board representing the different parts of the business and the symbols in play to make connections with or as we like to call it ‘join the dots’. The dysfunction Challenge was moved into different areas of the board, the business, and connected with Team, Technology and Process. If we’d had the time the resultant Opportunties would have flowed. These are specific and measurable when mixed with the Measure symbol.

So How do you do that?

For a business we care about we surrounded ourselves by specialists in their own right. We worked through the principles providing a common board on which to make connections and describe examples. Less quickfire more considered providing a common and straightforward frame of reference. The examples flowed around Trust, Challenge, Commitment, Accountability and Results and of course these are popular and can be picked-up anywhere. We are fans of the approach. What we have done differently is to translate using the engagement wrapper that is Big Pic to enable teams have these conversations in order they flip the dysfunction Challenge into an Opportunity.

This is no better demonstrated where two colleagues, live in session, disagree in the one of the most productive ways I’ve seen for a long time. The trust between these colleagues enabled that at the same time prompted by the Technology and Process symbols that Big Picture provides. It was a wonderful webinar moment.  Just one great example of how to engage Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Imagine what kind of conversation you could have with your team using the principles as the backdrop and Big Picture as the hands-on resource. We would be delighted to explore this with you. Get in touch and let us show you how there is really no time to waste.


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