Engage the Team more Strategically

Published: 25th August, 2020


Strategy is not a tick-box exercise. To avoid a cold product that struggles to land within the organisation we seek to involve the wider team. To do that we need to tread carefully to engage the team more strategically. It is likely you will be limited for time and maybe seeking an approach to achieve the maximum engagement best using the resources you have to hand. This means being fleet of foot, authentic and open-minded into what you might find. You must be willing to listen and respond to what your colleagues think about what might be a suggested direction of travel for your organisation. You may already have an idea or even a blank page.

You can watch the highlights of the session here and read about the key take aways below.



We’re seeking a framework for colleagues to work within. Some broad parameters within which we provide some key elements or lenses to focus attention. In doing so free-flowing conversation is encouraged at the same time allowing connections to be made from one colleague to another. We have to assume they have different backgrounds and perspectives.

This is a good thing ..

No right or wrong. We are seeking useful truths that our colleagues are willing to share.

No over-dependency on one person. We are facilitating a two-way conversation.

No showing and telling. We are adding our value in making sense of what we find.



To align forces in order to scale the vision. To achieve buy-in by curating ideas we are suggesting a two-stage approach which we would love to demonstrate for you:

Step 1. We put the ‘S’ word aside and focus on creating a sense of trust, openess and attention within the team we are working within. We shared one way to to do this; and

Step 2. We provide the specific tools for colleagues to express themselves. This should in no way inhibit and at the same time provide the dots for us to join. This is a delicate balance we achieve using the BIG PICTURE® board and symbols. Simple, straightforward and incredibly powerful for your colleagues to adopt and develop.

Please do ask us to help you achieve this same impact in your organisation.



Find out more about our approach for Engaging Change. You can have a go yourself by printing and writing on the resource within the brochure you can download. The stuff we care about is all over our YouTube channel @YourBigPic. I would love to take you through a taster of BIG PICTURE® in a Webinar you can sign-up for here.

Thanks for reading!