Engaging through Gaming

Published: 8th February, 2021

Missing serendipity? The events that happen in a business you can’t predict, particularly this last year, and others that you would never have imagined. Who knows what’s to come next? So you get your team working with the Gaming Kit and generating new conversation starters.

‘What should we do when ..’ ..’.. and then, because of that ..’ type conversations with Gaming Kit supremo Bill McAllister-Lovatt. Creating surprise, satisfying curiosity at pace with your team on the same page. This was a live demonstration where participants were encouraged to make connections for the organisation they care about. Whether that’s their own or your client.

We know how straightforward the BIGPICTURE® Symbols and Board can be for the wider team to adopt. Not just those close to the work but others that are affected in the organisation. Our Gaming Kit is a the way to introduce a new dimension to attract, engage and delight your audience. Just like in life and business we don’t know what’s to come next. Good to practice that as often as you can so you’re ready, willing and able to react to the next change of circumstances.

What’s really interesting is that when you have the dice in your hand. I would have said what’s the first question, what are your thoughts on the dice you’ve never thought of before, because on one level you want to say, I want to land here.

I want this question to be answered.

Gaming Kit supremo Bill McAllister-Lovatt, 2021


Here Bill introduces the concept behind the BIG PICTURE® thrice(!) and what they can help you achieve. On one level you want to say, I want to land here. I want this question to be answered. On another day there’s total unpredictability and serendipity like this is coming up. What is that telling about me? What’s it telling me about business and those around me? Watch Bill describe more here ..


We rolled the thrice and participants were able to make connections as a result for either their own business or another they either cared or were familiar with.

This itself presented a discussion point around comfort zone and how far we can and should stretch our thinking. For those new to the approach we suggest a simple entry level, maybe with only one thrice to introduce the BIG PICTURE® Symbols then maybe the layout of the Board and then maybe the second thrice before introducing the Challenges and Opportunties.

By providing the prompt and structure we’re providing a platform on which to build your own solution in whichever area of the business you wish. We can help you decide on this. In the meantime here are some examples of participants responding to what came up for them ..

Shirley throws a Process and Customer combo in Sales. A second throw brings Partners and Management into the picture as more of a stretch.

Susanne is prompted to explore her Operational systems considering what is there for the Customer and what is more of a back-end function.

Scott ponders a Partner and Marketing connection and finds an immediate connection in his own business.


We’re taking a step back to be more creative in a completely different way and in doing so creating a situation that we’ve actually created what we haven’t previously understood. So the thrice are coming up with giving us more questions and answers, which I hope you agreed is wonderful. At some point someone will want an answer and that’s where YourBigPic offers come in to frame those solutions into the discipline that is most relevant. Maybe Change, Strategy, Finance, Performance, Learning or Onboarding. In each case your perception of the Symbols will be different and your colleagues will readily help you make sense of this in your workplace.

As such they will practice working more cohesively and whilst doing so create a series of new connections to develop a shared understanding. These will then unearth Challenges and Opporutnities that you can do something about in a way that everybody can lean in to.

Since COVID happened questions have come up that have never arisen before. There’s no single point of view. We will provide you with a framework in which to listen and take us on different journeys. That’s the actual beauty of now going on a different journey in an entirely new way. After that will be unexpected consequences that you will be better able to turn into a series of positive steps.


Please do ask us to help you achieve this same impact in your organisation. We can deliver this activity for you and at the same time upskill your team to take over the delivery. You can weave this into your day-to-day activities which means you’re paying once for resources and deploying them many times across your organisation.

Find out more about our approach please interact with our heptagon of offers at YourBigPic.com. You can have a go yourself by printing and writing on the resource within the brochure you can download. The stuff we care about is all over our YouTube channel @YourBigPic. I would love to take you through a taster of BIG PICTURE® in a Webinar you can sign-up for here.

Thanks for reading!