It’s a Serious Business!

Your chance to do something different surprise yourself and your colleagues with how creative you all are. An antidote to never-ending Zoom calls here’s a dynamic conversation prompter as a tactile sensation.

Roll your BIG PICTURE® Gaming Dice to create a straightforward simulation developing new connections with every individual in the organisation.

It’s a lot of fun with a serious side!

2x Symbol Dice for the 6 BIG PICTURE® Symbols

1x Opportunity Dice for prompting Challenges and Opportunities

A BIG PICTURE® Path card in a Black Cloth Bag

A2 Meeting Pad with 5 Quality Pages

All delivered in a tidy ‘Pizza’ Box

This Gaming Kit will complement all the other BIG PICTURE® Kits.

You can purchase individual Symbol and Opportunity Dice in the dropdown above.

First roll the two Symbol Dice and and think about how YOU understand them seperately in the areas of the organisation they have landed?

What do your colleagues think of what you have described?

How is their view the same and different to yours?

What are you doing collectively about these connections you have made?

Roll the third Dice and and discuss a related Challenge or Opportunity.

Learn from each other it’s time for your next roll ..


Get hands-on in a small collaborative group for a live experience showing how you can use BIG PICTURE® to transform the way you and your people engage.