‘Get’ Work Hack

Published: 29th March, 2019
Get Work Hack

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The Language of Engagement

Businesses can be complex and there are many different ways to describe them in written and the spoken language, however you need to achieve shared understanding and connection in a short space of time. For me, the only way to do that is to use a simplified form of language that people find easy to engage with, and so reasonable in its appearance that people will take it and start using it because they can see they’re more effective in the way they’re getting the message across.

To be able to come up with that language, you need a practical understanding of what the key elements are in the form of different symbols within the business and actually how to lay them out in a framework or pattern. We cover all the different elements of any kind of business. You work within and around the framework so each individual in that process is willing to pick up the pen or initiate the conversation to use the language themselves. You can achieve so much more in the time when the facilitator is providing the prompt for each individual in that group to run the process, run the language, and actually create an output which fully describes their point of perspective in the business.

All on One Page

By choosing those elements carefully, and we’ve done the hard work, you get all the rich understanding from the conversation that’s stuck in people’s head, translated out on the paper. Connecting the symbols, you can break down previously overwhelming complexity, in such a way that you could describe to your granny! It’s natural to want to use this to describe the challenges and opportunities that each of those individuals have.

Being Understood

The language is shared across the group and so you’re able to contrast and compare your own points of perspective. Nothing is lost – every piece of information is captured and filtered to develop the single version of the truth. Everyone is willing to give a bit so that they can come together in a shared agreement of the business.

Why the Bother?

Helping Norma and her colleagues find their voice enables them to share useful truths more effectively more of the time. This is more likely to be done in an setting where they can be used in the most valuable of ways. That means being there to challenge and develop, and once a shared agreement is reached, form a basis for the development of the individual, the team and the business.

What We Can Help You With ..

Big Picture is the tool that has the shared language woven through all it’s various kits and approach. The language is made up of 5 key areas of the business arranged in a straightforward way. In addition, there are 8 symbols split over a 3 step path, chosen and ordered to result in the most engaging of conversations. With light-touch delivery, you can involve a large group sizes, up-to 20, with no drop off in engagement levels. This results in the highest increases in Productivity we have ever seen for People and Business Development.

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