Growing Your Talent

Published: 21st October, 2019

Mobilising Talent Inside-out

When we come up with the themes for the webinars we can’t be sure exactly what the agenda and content will be when the time comes. Whilst preparing for our ‘Growing your Talent’ webinar the references appeared thick and fast and that says to me this is a hot topic to apply our own unique take on.  Two of note are the Deloittes Human Trends report which features ‘Accessing Talent’ and ‘Talent Mobility’ in it’s Rewire (doing the same things better) and Recode (doing different things in new ways) respectively. HRD Connect blogged on their own take on the related ‘Recognising Top Performing Employees’. If I could summarise all in one key point it’s making the most of the people who are under one’s noses! That is the people we already have in this business should be fulfilling a long-term strategy of filling key positions with happy people who will prosper for the benefit of themselves and those around them.

Mining the Talent you already have

This is not the first theme we have covered where my observation is that organisations suffer because the goal is out of reach as it’s tough to do using existing approaches. By default Big Picture helps by flipping the thinking and putting the individual at the centre of their own process. The maths stack up as it’s all hands on deck rather than seeking to crack it as a management task and push down the chain. Learning and Development is full of experiential learning to ensure results are achieved. When it comes to talent it’s too often pushed through a cumbersome process of appraisals which has it’s own engagement challenges.

With the individual engaged in their own process of self-exploration then immediately you have the ownership in place to make things happen. Rather than directing the process you are responding to the needs of the workforce. In order to respond in the most appropriate way it’s essential to understand the single version of the truth, the Ground Truth, of the business. Once we have the essence of the process we can simplify it down and remarkably that helps to provide clarity and provides rapid results. An example would be each individual sharing a clear challenge and opportunity for the role in which they work. Combined with a shared view of the business with a small number of simple Measures to define what good looks like you have the makings of an amazingly powerful talent machine. Expect that by doing so talent is able to find alternative ways to add value in different parts of the business.

A Practical Demonstration

On this recent webinar, I worked through a start, middle and end for growing your talent:

  • Understanding your people.  This is the basic element of understanding a point of perspective which is different for each and everyone of us. Talent is best understood from the individual who possesses it.
  • Understanding your business. To determine how best to give talent the right opportunities to develop then we require a generally agreed view and focus of the business;
  • Smashing assumptions with regard to where your talent can prosper. To do this effectively you really need to understand the previous two points. Without them it’s too difficult and so give yourself a chance by dividing and conquering for the best results!

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Here’s what one of the attendees fed back:

“The recognition schemes have to be authentic and there’s something in schemes that often ripple the bad feelings rather than the good. The right people need recognition for the good work they have done” – Richard, October 2019

Why the bother?

When the team start talking, they have a chance to share what they really think, and so:

– They are more likely to be productive in their time with the company.

– The business will enjoy a ready supply of new opportunities each and every time you get to the truth- the challenge is working out what to do with them all! Boss Bill gets the most of her team and is able to translate that up to the board.

– Employees are likely to stay with the company for longer and that means avoiding the costs of rehiring- worse case 6-9 months of an the employee’s salary to locate and train a replacement and 2 years to become fully productive. Not to mention the toll on existing employee productivity and morale.

What we can help you with

Big Picture naturally generates extremely high engagement levels as you provide your people with the tools they require to share useful truths about the business. With light-touch delivery it means you can involve large group sizes, of up-to 20, with no drop off in engagement levels. This results in the highest Engagement levels we have ever seen for People and Business Development.

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