Our History

Conception to Birth to Maturity. A Story of Effectuation, Innovation and Evolution. 

From practical beginNings ..

It started by noticing a challenge to overcome. Something that could be done better. Founder Mart was a Business Analyst working in all kinds of organisatons in several sectors, including some of the heavy hitters, and spotting that they all suffered from one fundamental thing ..

Leaders were leaving colleagues isolated and their upset was rubbing off on everyone around them. It was all grrr and resulted in huge missed opportunities. It was personal, and it was becoming a reputational risk to Mart. So what to do?
“At the start, it was a real buzz working with the big consultancies but I was getting frustrated I couldn’t be part of the kind of changes I knew we could make.”


We get why this is difficult. Everything is interconnected across the business areas in different ways. Resources are always limited and so in the time available we do our best and that often means being unable to engage with as many colleagues as you would like to. Organisations are complex, made-up of wonderful humans with their own characteristics, needs and aspirations! It's what we're about.

So we do not shy away from it and nor should you. Embrace it and be part of an ecosystem that helps make the business better. An example might be, communication with colleagues not being as efficient as it could be, resulting in assumptions being made about what is and isn't possible.

A bit like a mothballed gold mine that became less than profitable to keep open that came to a standstill. Imagine using a new type of machinery that operates more efficiently by sharing the load with, in our case, colleagues themselves who love doing some of the heavy lifting!

So we don't use words that only those with MBAs and Lean Six Sigma know. We developed a common language that can be used, that everyone 'gets'. Yes we mean everyone from all corners of the organisation. It's where we started and what we built into everything you see today.

It's our DNA- maybe yours too?


We started bottom-up with the in-the-moment conversation simply between two and more people in the workplace. Taking the doodles from Mart's daybook in 2010 BIG PICTURE, the collaboration tool, was created to help generate more outcomes in less time- by sharing useful truths.

It had SIX core Symbols representing key elements of the business as colleagues were happy to work with that. They loved working on a Board with 5 key areas of the organisation with a big old 'what is the business here for?' at the top so that makes erm SIX places to land new connections.

We didn't want to join in the vague, top-down narrative often reporting as what's happening in our workplaces. In 2016 we created the THREE Laws of Engagement to measure Engagement, Collaboration and Outcomes. This means wherever you are, whoever you're with and whatever the outcome is you wish to achieve you can measure progress with a trackable and independent measure. To improve matters we developed TWELVE Practices of Engagement for you!

“I was helping the wider team relate to what we were doing. All the moving parts of the organisation on one page. It felt like I had turned a massive tap on!”


Seeing BIG PICTURE flourish when onboarding new and existing colleagues, landing new core IT systems and pivoting the business we were ready to complete our own major development into what YourBigPic is today. Decoding the space in which clients were raving about our colleague-centred approach in 2021 we identified SIX Specialisms that combine in powerful ways!

At the same time we split the consultancy and product sides of the business. Two additional organistions are now, like YourBigPic, 'Powered by' BIG PICTURE: Asset Wisdom and CYBIONE.

We could see the Specialisms combining in ways even we had not thought of .. so we went with it! Towards the end of 2021 Mart was working with Nick Betsy and in the first of two key junctions in the road we got heads together to define Wicked Outcomes being the result of the Wicked Challenges we helped clients resolve- not solve. Yes, that really, really hard stuff from before.

We've got this covered!

In Jan 2022 Mart co-collaborated with the now Strategy Partner Bryce Biggs on the white paper 'Your Organisation’s Wicked Challenge™ Resolved in ‘Six ITs™’. This formed the basis for the Platform you are browsing today. It was a way to define the DNA of what we do and why we do it.


By this time Mart had worked out clients didn't want to see him doing everything! In 2022 we built a layer within the ecosystem to work with Partners, Contributors and Associates to make the kind of change that like-minded professionals aspire to. For that to happen we needed to form a framework within which the community can do their best work.

We defined our 'Why' which, in the second key junction in the road, Nick 'encourged' Mart to share- which is that: "Business can be better, more human, natural, more like an organism rather than organisation". To define an approach the Wicked Challenge white paper defined a SIX IT guide to the scale of the work we helped clients with. You can see them here:

Resource it

Securing the different kinds of Resources required that are essential for resolving Wicked Challenges™. Not solely People but the Knowledge, Skills, Budget, and Time.


Bringing  colleagues together in the same room on the same page. Insights shared, dots joined, turn challenges into opportunities and outcomes!


Describing the situation so that all stakeholders engage and develop shared meanings. As a result, embrace a shared commitment on what success will mean.


Encouraging innovative thinking to help make difficult choices and trade-offs and not be put off by the messy, combative, iterative ways decisions are often made.

Measure It

Scoring a realistic standard of success rather than a goal that is perhaps unrealistic. Towards improving Wicked Outcomes™ made-up of Solutions and Benefits.


Committing to multiple iterations is essential to maintain flexibility and build confidence in the journey. Regular checkpoints provide accountability for the whole team.

We don't ask you to reinvent the wheel. Our tools, people, partners and approaches work with you and with what you are already doing. We simply provide a way to bring your resources together to better resolve Wicked Challenges. We ensure you have the right tools and experience to hand when you need it and an approach to making sure you stay aligned with Your Big Picture.

“Rather than be the single drummer on my own kit I wanted to be a part of the band leading a community of incredible specialists who know way more than me about the topic!”


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