Get in Amongst our Range of Kits to Suit Your Setting!

So you’ve seen Martin talk about the benefits and you think there’s something in it for you that you want to find out more about.

Let’s just say you’re not ready to jump in just yet but you’re in the mood to get a feel for it by having some kit to play with. Then this is for you!

Your chance to do something different surprise yourself and your colleagues with how creative you all are. An antidote to never-ending Zoom calls here’s a dynamic conversation prompter as a tactile sensation.

Roll your BIG PICTURE® Gaming Dice to create a straightforward simulation developing new connections with every individual in the organisation.

It’s a lot of fun with a serious side!

We’re all about experiencing together and there’s no better way than on your feet getting in amongst the action!

Using a rope-based version of Big Picture that you can step in and around with your colleagues. By giving out the large frisbee symbols the whole thing comes alive- doesn’t feel like work!

This kit is for sit-down chats and meetings with individuals or with a small group. Neatly packaged in a zipped carrying case to lay out the table with all your resources sat snugly inside.

You’ll be up and running and engaged in seconds whilst making a super first impression. A real impact resource!

For the front of the room this one-trip portable kit is for those wanting to rock-up, prep the room and spend their time with the providers of coffee!

In the bag you have your wipe-clean board, telescopic easel and mag chips. Dish out the symbol chips and everyone will want a piece of the action.

The Big Picture Digital Kit benefits colleagues and teams working remotely, helping them create and collaborate using the symbols and boards online, in real-time. All the incredible benefits of our flagship Big Picture Kits, in a digital package, so now even your remote workers can join the conversation, and remain engaged in, connected to, and aligned with the business.

Logging into the Digital Kit Dashboard, there are three levels, allowing you varying levels of access, for a variety of team sizes.


Get hands-on in a small collaborative group for a live experience showing how you can use BIG PICTURE® to transform the way you and your people engage.