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This is about prepaparing good foundations for the Onboarding and Reboarding of new and existing colleagues. We'll do this by looking at the Essential Elements of what we call a Wicked Challenge™. In doing so we prepare the ground for colleagues, new and existing, to land well. This means they feel welcomed and immediately engaged from their own perspective- which may change ..

What's on your pad?

Tell us your challenge

We believe that business can be better- more human, natural, more like an organism than an organisation.

The experience a colleague has begins from the moment they are invited into a conversation. To ensure that is the most positive it can be means putting some work into the preparation in advance.

Indeed, for the organisation to enjoy a tangible return on the significant investment in each colleague we believe that putting down solid foundations are essential for the magic to happen.

Let's explore the essential foundations to ensure each and every colleague feels welcomed and immediately engaged from their own perspective. We would expect this perspective to develop throughout the conversation as part of the natural process ..

Colleagues in the same room on the same page- Digitally or Physically

So let's take a look at applying the Essential Elements of a Wicked Challenge™ to see what we can learn about setting ourselves, more importantly new and existing colleagues up, for the most awesome On/ReBoarding experience ever:

  • We think about the whole organisation- for new and existing colleagues, for all levels of the organisation;
  • We accept their are multiple perspectives- so each individual colleague as a unique story to tell;
  • We acknowledge that success is hard to define- we will accept that and use our language carefully; and
  • We recognise that a successful On/Reboarding is hard one to solve- there will be winners and losers!
“Really positive, love the mechanism of how it plays out, something to come back to at regular intervals – fantastic!”

Now let's take a look at applying the Six ITs™ approach to a Wicked Challenge™ to propose some practical foundation activities:

  • Resource IT- a inclusive approach to who we are inviting in the room and who colleagues connect with;
  • Collabor-IT- we set-up a safe space and sufficient time to colleagues to work together on the same page;
  • Frame IT- we recognise and share the goals for colleagues AND a realistic ROI for the organisation;
  • Innov-IT- we set an expectation that we will encourage new ideas and embrace risks in the way we work together;
  • Measure IT- we put in place a structure to being accountable for the time we spend together; and
  • Iter-IT!- we acknowledge and land a series of follow-up activities that carry the energy forward.


.. that each and every individual colleague feels something positive from the moment they are invited into the conversation.

This means recovering an often lost opportunity to carry over the positive energy that colleague once had when they accepted the position.

For some this is the the most positive they've felt about the role! Such a shame. For the organsation setting down the essentials of a good foundation means more often than not positive energy is carried through and into day to day business.