Strengthening Behaviours to Achieve Goals

Engaging your humans in a culture of learning

Let’s start with what good quality learning at work is for. Well, there’s compliance, ongoing changes, certification, new innovations, to fill skills gaps or upskill people, to engage and empower people….I could go on. In short; learning is what your organisational, team and individual potential relies upon.




So why do organisations use learning as a tick box activity to get back to business as usual? Why do organisations only seek learning when something has gone wrong? Why do participants in organisations dread that course their manager has told them they MUST attend?

The answer is simple; learning is sometimes viewed as something that takes people away from their job rather than something that adds to their job.

With BIG PICTURE® you can attract people to learning with quality tools and facilitation that add huge value in productivity and potential. When people want to participate in learning, statistics show that they want to be more productive and successful, feel the ability to change, and some people feel more capable to take on additional responsibilities.

Q: How can organisations and teams achieve more positive productivity through learning?

A: Put learning at the front of the staff experience.

Ask: What do people need to learn from their first day and every day onwards, and why does it matter?

Learning at work is continuous and when discussed regularly can become an expected part of the organisational culture. This leads to utilising the right learning resource at the right time. Maybe it’s a virtual or in-person course or a coaching conversation, maybe a job shadow with learning log discussions, or an e-learning course with videos.

BIG PICTURE® can support the learning offer during any stage in a team or individual’s learning journey.

underpinned by some key principles:

  • Learning is an active creation of skills, knowledge, behaviour, not a passive receipt of information;
  • Learning with others enhances the outcome of learning;
  • Tools are an enabler of learning, not the point of the learning- a good old flip chart or Post-it note is all that’s needed! and
  • The purpose of learning is to enable people to be and bring their best to the role they are doing within the business.
“Really positive, love the mechanism of how it plays out, something to come back to at regular intervals – fantastic!”


Let’s start with a complimentary 60-minute Discovery call so that we can explore what it is you’re looking to achieve working with YourBigPic and who is best placed to work with you.

In this call (or face to face meeting if appropriate), we’ll discuss the outcomes you’re looking to achieve in your organisation, and the pain points that are stopping you from achieving them.

We’ll discuss what your expectations of YourBigPic are and we’ll explore the fit for our working partnership. If we are in alignment that we are a fit to work together, then the natural next step is to move to the consultancy phase where we can focus down and make plans.



A crucial stage in making sure that any learning is in direct alignment with what you’re trying to achieve in your business. We’ll partner with you to establish the specific strategic outcomes you are looking for in your organization and the skills, knowledge, and behavior that people need to have to achieve them.


Scoping out a full proposal and implementation plan. Underpinned by our learning principles and working with you at all times to provide a seamless and exceptional experience.


Making sure we achieved what we set out to and analysing how it has impacted the strategic goals of the business.


Join us in exploring how BIG PICTURE take “Learning” to the next level. Its power is in the bringing together of teams from top to bottom and how it energizes us in the understanding of the “Why?”.


Besides the Six ITs, that allow us to navigate the broader Wicked Challenge landscape, we understand the real value that drives a business which is it's people. More specifically, the challenge of bringing the knowledge, skill and insights your people hold into the process of resolving Wicked Challenges.

The key is engagement and collaboration at every level. we use BIG PICTURE to get people into the same room and on the same page, speaking the same language. It never stops amazing us how much knowledge and passion already exists in the organisation. More often than not, the only road block is a shared language and a safe place to use it.


The real value of YourBigPic as a Solutions Provider

We address levels of problems and problem solving. We better business in A holistic way while still playing nice with what you have and don't have. By taking a 360° view of your business we will help you see your challenge for what it is, improve your understanding of it, then help you resolve it and have better outcomes as a result.

The real value is engagement and collaboration from the ground up with our own proprietary BIG PICTURE. Coupled with our Six ITs approach to Wicked Challenges, our Specialist Partners have all the tools they need to guide and support you as you navigate your own wicked challenges.

Given the common "language" we share with you, our Partners are able to break open traditional agendas and collaboratively align their specialist knowledge in the pursuit of Wicked Outcomes.

How does Copy LEARNING fit in?
“Looking up and out from Learning joins the dots with different Specialisms in some way .. for a 'better business'"