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Our events are a great way to come together with a diverse group of like-minded professionals for an open and collaborative conversation. Using engagement as the central theme we cycle around the different areas where we can provide you with the most benefit using BIG PICTURE. Every topic brings a new angle!

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An interactive discussion and demonstration on:

15 December 2022


Hosted by Bryce Biggs


A LIVE Event to explore Pivot Now!™ - a newly-developed approach to choosing the future direction of your organisation. It is identified as a vital element of the Wicked Challenges™ approach crafted by Martin Johnson and Bryce Biggs.


Every Friday @ 9am (GMT+1)

This will enable you to fully interact using the BIG PICTURE Digital Kit.

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It’s essential to balance your immediate financial needs with your goals — and diversifying your revenue can help. As one element of our Financial Freedom for Organisations, that is F₃O, Finance and Chief Partner Hywel led a conversation and demonstraton with our BIG PICTURE Digital Board to help you understand your challenges and deliver opportunities.
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25 November 2022

Hosted by Hywel Griffiths

They really are fun events. 
Come join us, all welcome!

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In this event we collated the information that has been discussed to date - we have debated WFH; we have discussed the hybrid approach; we have spoken about continued office working. Added to that we had a discussion on the pros and cons of each approach. Now we are ready to summarise by debating the current climate when the workers have seemingly made the decision for the decision makers and businesses have to come to terms with it. Let us discuss ..


A trade-off between Face-to-Face and Remote- or can you enjoy the best of both? An interactive discussion and demonstration. Organisations are On/Reboarding new and existing colleagues using a mix of face-to-face and online activities for a ever more remote workforce. Everything is a trade-off and as such has pros and cons. In this interactive discussion we'll explore that with Hywel Griffiths, Chief and Finance Partner @YourBigPic.


A trade-off between human and scale- or can you have both? An interactive discussion and demonstration. Some organisations are bringing in large numbers of new colleagues whilst wanting to keep things personal. Others are bringing in individuals who naturally want to be seen as the wonderful humans that they are. Everything is a trade-off and as such has pros and cons. In this interactive discussion we explored that with Hywel Griffiths, Chief and Finance Partner @YourBigPic.


On/Reboarding focusing on all Colleagues as seen through Employer and Recruitment lenses. There is a shift in recruitment currently with every candidate for every business seeking flexibility. A lot of the time this flexibility is difficult to write into contractual terms. Many businesses now give candidates 100% choice of work scenario; others 50/50. Any business that demands 100% office attendance is difficult to recruit for. What has instigated the change?
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