Making Change Stick

Published: 19th August, 2019

Ideas are cheap- Execution is everything

Making change stick for measured and lasting business change- each and every one of those words are chosen really carefully. It’s all about how to make your business more successful, and I’m going to share some experience with you around change.  The ‘stick’ word is all about how you get the thing to land and be executed in a fashion. That means it provides a return on that effort, and money and time that you’ve put in to land it. ‘Measuring’ is all about knowing what good looks like, and we have a specific Big Picture symbol for that. ‘Lasting Outcomes’ is really all about the ‘stick’ element and how we continue that.

Conversations that facilitate Change

Using Big Picture encourages you to represent the ideas that are coming into the business in a way others can better understand. Where previously this would be an idea in someone’s head, we’re giving you a place to put the ideas that are coming in. We always start with the analogue physical prop, not digital tech, and so it gives you a good chance to describe that idea in a different kind of way.

For each of those ideas, we focus on a measure that you would apply to it. As an example, if it’s about setting service expectations, think about the specific measure for that. In doing so, what you can start to do is think about the connections that you’re making. You learn how to use the template to think about the business from different perspectives. Into and onto this, you have the eight different Big Picture symbols, which you can use in different ways. And it’s actually the way you combine those symbols and the part of the template that become really powerful, because that’s naturally how we think and make connections between things and those spotting patterns.

A further focus is to think about who the different people are who might be involved in this business that you may want to engage with. Following from the example above, have a think about where these people may sit within the business. In the webcast we use the examples of the CIO, the Chief Information Officer, who might be related in some way to the technology that you’re going to bring in. You may have an Account Manager, interested in supplier management, the Customer Care team lead and an Operations manager. Think about where they might land in the business.

Choosing the what and the who

On this recent webcast I worked through a start, middle and end for making change stick:

  • How to cut through an overwhelming amount of ideas and possible directions to take
  • Agreeing what good looks like by agreeing how to measure it’s effectiveness (explored with another little practical exercise)
  • How to engage the right people in the business to establish the necessary relationships.

Watch the full webcast here!

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Here’s what one of the viewers fed back:

“It’s just really simple, but a really good way of doing it.” – Lewis

Why the bother?

When the team start talking, they have a chance to share what they really think, and so:

– They are more likely to be productive in their time with the company;

– The business will enjoy a ready supply of new opportunities each and every time you get to the truth- the challenge is working out what to do with them all! Boss Bill gets the most of her team and is able to translate that up to the board; and

– Employees are likely to stay with the company for longer and that means avoiding the costs of rehiring- worse case 6-9 months of an the employee’s salary to locate and train a replacement and 2 years to become fully productive. Not to mention the toll on existing employee productivity and morale.

What we can help you with

Big Picture naturally generates extremely high engagement levels as you provide your people with the tools they require to share useful truths about the business. With light-touch delivery it means you can involve large group sizes, of up-to 20, with no drop off in engagement levels. This results in the highest Engagement levels we have ever seen for People and Business Development.

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